About the Blog 

Welcome! My name is Kristi Schmit. This blog chronicles my life mostly through photos of my handmade creations, sometimes through a poorly drawn comic, and also makes mention of home grown vegetables. I like to find art in everything that I do, and I like homemade everythings.

I'm never too far away from a paintbrush, and I collect all types of wood scraps and fallen logs to paint on. I sell my creations through the name Tangents. You can browse my current 'for sale' creations at TangentsbySHS.etsy.com

I also formerly sold handcrafted items under the name Watercolor Submarine, but managing two different artistic businesses was a little too much, even for this pro multi-tasker! So, in August 2014 I decided to consolidate. I haven't given up on painting aquatic home decor, though, because I love drawing cute little whales and seahorses too much. You can now find woodland and aquatic decor in one place, and that place is at Tangents!

About Tangents

Through Tangents I create lots of hand painted wooden home decor. I use recycled wood scraps wherever possible to create environmentally friendly products. All of my wooden items are hand painted and hand cut without the use of lasers, so you can be sure you're getting a heartfelt and unique item.

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