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This is the place for FREE printables featuring my designs. Click on an image to view it full sized and print.

I'm happy to share my original drawings and stories with you, but please be courteous of my creative property. All the items here can be used for personal use ONLY, please do not modify (i.e. remove the copyright) or copy/redistribute/sell my drawings or stories in any way.

Also, if you color in one of my coloring pages, I'd love to see it! It would be super awesome of you to send me an email with a picture of your finished work of art! If you would like to have your completed coloring page published on my blog, please email me at


Aquatic Avenue Crew Stationary

Coloring Pages

 Lance the Largemouth Bass

Albert the Spotted Gar

Barry the Bullfrog

Coral - Trees of the Sea

Ned, Ted and Fred the Jellyfish 

Ghost the Vampire Squid

Dale the Swordfish

Amos the Poison Dart Frog

Tiny the Squid

Winston the Whale

Sol the Squid

The Antique Dive Helmet

Brailey the Orca Whale

Amelie the Jellyfish
Emmitt the Sealion

Abigail the Starfish

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