Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hummingbird Moth

This summer Jason and I had plenty of visitors in our flower garden. Our front porch impatiens were the most popular (incidentally, they were also my most beautiful bed of flowers this year). We saw monarchs, swallowtails, honeybees, and, on one short and sweet occasion, a little green and brown hummingbird. Some of our most frequent visitors were hummingbird moths. I'm normally not a big fan of moths (to be honest I absolutely hate them), but there's something so unique about hummingbird moths that I almost find myself enjoying their presence, and I just had to capture them on film.

Unfortunately, taking a good picture of a hummingbird moth is next to impossible. I swear their wings move at the speed of light, and the only one I've ever seen sitting still was also dead. I did get some unique shots, though, and they definitely portray a sense of motion.

This series of photos cracked me up when I saw them, it seems like this guy was having a rough day - allow me to narrate for you:

Moth: "Well, this party is kinda lame..."

Moth:"At least the punch is spiked." *Glug* *Glug* *Glug*

Moth:"And, once again, I've fallen headfirst into the punch bowl. Ugh, why do I even show up to these things anymore?!"

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