Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bugs 'n' Slugs

I've been in an especially "spring-y" mood lately. Some of our ice started melting into the streets yesterday, because the temperatures finally crept above that dreaded freezing point.

The greenhouse is also back in order after serving as a temporary storage facility all winter. I can not begin to explain my excitement about planting season. I've already started a few trays of seeds, and this morning  I noticed some little green specks reaching through the soil. I involuntarily clapped my hands at the sight. You know what they say, "If you're happy and you know it..."

This past month I've been on somewhat of an art hiatus due to a terrible case of "the blahs". But all this new springtime excitement finally got my creative juices flowing again. I'm working on a few new characters of the bug 'n' slug variety. I made a tiny set of paintings yesterday as a little bit of a test run. I want my creepy crawlies to have mismatched antenna and eyes to make them more cute than creepy. I also want to dream up a little abstract world for them to live in. I made my tester paintings using acrylics on 4"x4" canvases (I adore tiny canvases). They feature three characters; a beetle, a snail, and an inchworm. Their little abstract habitat is composed of trees with fancy filigreed roots and a sky filled with swirly white clouds. What do you think? Are they keepers?

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