Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rainbow Mountain Majesty

One of the biggest problems with artsy and crafty people is our tendency to be collectors of "junk" ( I mean, if you consider collections to be a problem). We're creative and hopeful, so it's only natural that we see potential in lots of everyday items. Personally, one of my largest "junk" collections is wood scraps. Scraps of all shapes, sizes, and wood varieties that I use to create many of the items I share on this blog and sell in my etsy shops. Recently my pile of small scraps has been overflowing. I wanted to share my wood scrap bounty with the world, so I created some colorful wooden magnets.

I'm especially fond of these geometric mountain ranges.

I also created some abstract rectangular magnets. It's pretty obvious that I'm into heavily saturated colors right now.

All of these hand cut and painted recycled wood magnets will be available in my online Tangents shop. I'm also bringing a few sets of them will me to the Summer Arts Bazaar this weekend.

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