Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Cleaning" My Studio

I did a lot of "cleaning" in my studio today which consisted of 50% organizing and 50% being completely distracted by some ideas I've been wanting to try.

Currently, all of my watercolor shells are hanging on a stainless steel chain which I love - it's strong, but still understated. However, I'd be remiss in my creative duties if I never tried new things! I want something a little more nautical and lightweight. I've been staring at a brand new spool of cotton cord for a few days, so I tried out a couple of different knotting and braiding techniques today. A simple braid seems to be the best method I've tried so far. I'm still searching for ideas, though - so I guess that makes my job R&D for the day - and that makes me feel pretty important.

Also - I've been developing some logo ideas for my Watercolor Submarine shop. I think I've finally found my favorite submarine sketch - so, of course, I immediately painted it onto one of my shells.

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