Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day America! I hope everyone is out and about enjoying the sun. I like this holiday, but I'm not big on fireworks unless they're taken care of by professionally trained pyrotechnicians. I've been fearful of them since I was a small chile - all because of a strange news story I once watched that included images of crash test dummies having their heads blown off by homemade fireworks. I even drew up a little comic to share how I feel every year around this time:

SCENE ONE: There I am, waving a flag and expressing my patriotic pride. All is well, so far.

SCENE TWO: Then the fireworks begin. Ear shattering explosions are taking place (although they do make a beautiful display).

SCENE THREE: My brain goes into overdrive as the fear kicks in.

SCENE FOUR: Some small child (not even out of diapers most likely) throws one of those relatively harmless snap firecrackers near my feet. However, I'm already insane with fear that I will be set on fire, so I completely overreact and take off running into the sunset. The 4th of July can be an embarrassing day for those of us with pyrophobia.

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