Monday, July 22, 2013

New Free Stuff Section

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday, I've been working on a drawing project for the past couple of months in which I'm sketching and catologuing all of my Aquatic Avenue Characters. Everything is in black and white now. I'm not sure if I'll ever give my characters predetermined colors or if I'll always leave that up to the imagination. I'd love to see how my readers (or some of the younger folks they know) view my characters so I've added a brand new (and exciting) page to my blog. Check out the "Free Stuff" page by clicking on it in the top bar. There you will find printable coloring pages and stationary featuring the Aquatic Avenue Crew. I'm hoping to eventually add another new section titled "Hall of Fame" in which I will post coloring pages that have been filled in, so if you print and complete any of my coloring pages please take a picture/scan it in and email your finished project to me  ( and it will be added to my future blog hall of fame.

Eventually I hope to have some hand stitched coloring books available for sale at Watercolor Submarine. So, for now, enjoy the samples that I post in the Free Stuff section (check back often, I'll be adding more as I complete my drawings), and be on the lookout for future coloring books!

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