Thursday, August 1, 2013

Find Your Voice Week Six

This week's lesson was all about combining our story style and design style. The creative prompt encouraged us to create a story using all of the things we've learned in the past five weeks. I started this course with the idea that I might gain some insight into storytelling and scrapbooking and in turn feel more comfortable about finally recording the story of my wedding and honeymoon (which happened a little over a year and a half ago.) This week I finally decided to take a stab at telling part of that story. For this particular lesson I chose to tell only the story of my honeymoon, because I didn't want to get overwhelmed by too big of a project.

So, I finally decided to take the big jump and venture into the world of scrapbooking. I really haven't used this method of story telling much in the past, because it always seems so intimidating to go around permanently sticking my pictures into a book. However, this lesson reminded me that it's important to PLAN your story before jumping right in and creating a project. So I listed, designed, arranged and rearranged, and wrote and rewrote until I felt more than comfortable about permanently sticking down all of my photos, embellishments, and vacation relics. All I can say is HOLY COW, why did I not think about including a planning while scrapbooking before? It made the entire project so much less intimidating, and I'm very happy with the outcome.

I won't share all 20 pages of my honeymoon story here (because really, it's not going to be all that interesting to the average onlooker.) Instead I'll just brag up a couple of my favorite layouts.

We spent our honeymoon traveling to different spots of interest in New Mexico, each day we visited a new place, and I organized my scrapbook chronologically. This was by far my favorite page. It is simple, but I feel like it really captured the mood of our Sandia Peak Tram ride which was a dark, gorgeous and a little romantic (FYI - Jason will gag when he reads this mushy sounding sentence later.)

I also really enjoyed how this layout for White Sands National Monument turned out, because it's bright and fun and once again captured the mood of that portion of our trip.

Lastly, I want to mention that I used some fun embellishments and washi tape that I purchased at the rukristin papercrafts Shop (, and I wanted to thank Kristin for the super neat and free FYV swag that I received - thanks a bunch!

Are you ready to try the Find Your Voice storytelling workshop yet? If so go to for more information!

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  1. your pictures bring back happy memories for me of going to both those plase when visiting a friend. I suffered alot on the mountain though because of altitude sickness. I have a fave photo of me sitting in the dunes at White sands in a crimson dress with clear blue skies. I loved it and I love this project,
    Jo xxx