Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our 'Toot' in Sioux Falls

Some years ago (but not that many), my mom, her sisters and my grandmother went on a river cruise that was comically called a 'toot'. They had a delightful time and decided to recreate the experience each year by taking a trip together. The name 'toot' stuck.

Eventually my sister and I began insisting upon taking a toot as well. So, this year we decided to take a little weekend trip to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. In true 'tooting' fashion, no boys were allowed. Our traveling band consisted of myself, my sister, Katie, my cousin, Jennifer, and my mom, Mary. (FYI - we're not actually a band - but we'll definitely sing karaoke for you if the opportunity arises.)

I took along my camera and did my best to capture the magic, but toting around a camera gets old after awhile, and it seems like I always abandon it after the first day of a trip. I still got  few decent shots, though!

This is my favorite photo from the entire trip. I was trying to snap candid shots, but Katie kept making faces at me anyways.

Jennifer, Katie and Me posing by the falls.

Downtown Sioux Falls was looking fancy as always. I must have one of these spherical concrete planters. I love how the lime green sweet potato vine and vibrant pink petunias look spilling out from it!

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