Friday, November 1, 2013

Sneak Peek #1 RAWards Runway Pieces

I've been a little slack with my blogging lately, but it's for a good reason! These last couple of weeks I've been insanely busy creating things for the holidays and working on some pieces for the RAWards show coming up in only three weeks. My fingers can only do so much painting, but they've seriously done so much painting recently. I love every second of it!

I'm creating some special statement pieces for the RAWards show. I will have five models prancing down the runway in my handmade accessories, and I wanted some pieces to be brand new and extra exciting for this event. It's really difficult to keep myself from posting all kinds of pictures of my new stuff, but I want there to be some surprise involved. So, I'm just going to post a couple of little peeks at my new work. To get the full effect you'll have to come to the show!

Tickets/more info is available here: If you decide to go (and you definitely should) make sure to select my name from the drop down menu for "artist you are supporting" when purchasing tickets.

Part of a secret something that I worked on today...

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