Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Amos the Poison Dart Frog and RAW Setup Preview

RAW expressions is tomorrow! Here are a couple of sneak preview pictures of my setup. It might be fairly dim at Sokol so I'm trying to incorporate as much lighting as possible.

Those antique glass dishes I bought to decorate for my wedding have sure come in handy - here I am using them once again!

A small LED candle in every dish

Trinket Trays! A new way to enjoy the Aquatic Avenue Crew and store rings, earrings, keys or other miscellaneous small items.

And now, the character of the day: Amos the Poison Dart Frog. You're probably wondering how a rainforest amphibian fits into the Aquatic Avenue Crew - here's the explanation:

It's a well known fact that frogs get lost easily. Amos should be in the rainforest, but he took a wrong turn somewhere and has found himself submerged in the watery depths of the ocean. Oh well, Perhaps someone on Aquatic Avenue can give him directions.

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