Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gardening with the Evil Bird

I'm back and recovered from vacation, and I finally have my garden planted. I absolutely love planting flowers and watching them grow, but my garden went in a little late this year (it has something to do with the hazards of operating a greenhouse - your plants always come last.) I decided to try something new this year and planted flower seeds along with my usual plants. Unfortunately, I had a little run in with some of the Randolph wildlife during the process. To illustrate my frustrations I've made a little comic for your viewing pleasure:

In scene one I am planting my beautiful zinnia seeds while a menacing robin spies on me from his perch in a nearby tree. If you're wondering why my head looks so funny in this comic rendition of my planting experience - I always like to wear strangely shaped hats when gardening (for good luck or something). In scene two I have carelessly left my recently planted seeds unattended and open to attacks by evil birds. In scene three I have noticed the robin heartlessly stealing my seeds, and I am crushed. In scene four the foul beast flaps away with the intent to return for more!

I can't talk to or read the minds of animals, so I may be incorrect in some of my assumptions. That being said, I'm pretty sure this particular bird takes extra joy from destroying flower gardens. 

In other news, I've begun to list some of my hand painted seashell trinket trays in my WatercolorSubmarine shop. It's a whole new way to enjoy the Aquatic Avenue Crew - take a look at my Aquatic Avenue Crew Shop Section.